MMASHRR ™ & © 2014 Michael Alexander Bencic

M.M.A.S.H.R.R.”: MMA cage battles MUTATE and evolve by pitting Mutants, Monsters, Aliens, Superheroes, and even Robots to Rumble! Action fans across the Galaxy, prepare for awesomeness!

2026. The Evolution: Energy wave from deep space strikes Earth. 14% of all life experience unique metaphysical transformations. Vampires live! Superheroes fly! Cyborgs battle Werebunnies! Yes, yes and yes. By 2034, a talking salamander is mixing your venti latte. A two headed wooden boy and his gigantic talking woodpecker are delivering your holographic newspaper via nuclear hover board. Life is good.

Harold Anthony Alexander (aka future champ, Harry Clawsome), lost everything after becoming the very first real life Werewolf. His challenging journey (from victim of chance, to superstar, inspiration and eventual protector) will be the initial focus of M.M.A.S.H.R.R. ~ Mutated Monsters and SuperHuman Robotic Rumblers!; the first official sports league of Galactic proportions!

I created M.M.A.S.H.R.R. to infuse my style of hyper comic booky zany cartoonishness into a broadly appealing intellectual property for kids and collectors. In our universe, battles are unpredictable, comedic, strategic, entertaining, and even magical. 

MMASHRR, MMASHR concePt, art, written materials, designs, audio/video footage, and all related materials ™ & © 2014 Michael Alexander Bencic.